Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dog Blogging
(with side-order of chicken)

It's been done elsewhere, I know, and with great effect! Fellowship and bonhomie ensue, people comment and say nice things that I don't deserve just because I have a cute mutt. This is Clio. I know it's a cat's name (or maybe a car's name) but it seemed to fit and she answers to it. I've made terrible decisions over the years but Clio (the dog not the name) was one of the better ones.

I'm not clever enough to add captions so this is probably pretty low-class dog blogging. I know where the start button is on my computer and the Blogger software basically writes my posts for me.

But I am awfully proud of my Labrador Retriever - the bane of rabbits, pheasants and postmen - but comparitively well behaved with chickens and sheep. Okay, one small fatal glitch with my favourite Speckledy hen Christmas before last. Unpleasantness and much chiding followed. Okay - and one small pursuit of sheep but she was led astray by another more feral dog. She's almost three years old and is awaiting a hip X-ray to see if we're going to go the way of puppies or not. Three's a good age for motherhood.


Padre Mickey said...

You gots pollos in yer yard? You could be Panamanian! I live in what passes for a Middle Class barriada here, and there are chickens wandering about. When we lived in ParaĆ­so we lived on a hill. The neighbor had a gallito which liked to climb the hill every morning and crow. Chompita was never sure what to do about him.

Many of our neighbors in this barriada have parrots in cages which they put out in their yards in the morning and the squawk and make all manner of racket. Then the wild parrots show up and taunt the ones in the cages. No one sleeps past 6:00 am around here.

Oh yeah, cute, sweet dog!

Raspberry Rabbit said...

If the congregation hadn't sold off the extra land it had a number of years back I'd have been able to have a couple of pigs - which is what I chiefly desire.


Padre Mickey said...

Oh yeah, I love raising pigs; they're so smart and lots of fun! When I was seventeen I spent a summer in Nevada at my Aunt and Uncle's place. We had two pigs, which we let wander around with the dogs. The pigs seemed to think that they were dogs.